ICA Preconference, National Press Club, Washington DC, May 24, 2019
Riding or Lashing the Waves: Regulating Media for Diversity in a Time of Uncertainty

French Media:
Can Crowdfunding
Serve Pluralism?

News Media on a Quest for “Clean Money”

Loïc Ballarini
Université de Lorraine
Emmanuel Marty
U. Grenoble Alpes
Nikos Smyrnaios
Université Toulouse III

Research funded by the ANR (Collab, le crowdfunding et le crowdsourcing dans les industries culturelles)
Find the slides on: ballarini.fr/loic/c/2019ica
Soon to be published in Ballarini (ed), The Independence of the News Media. Francophone Research on Media, Economics and Politics, Palgrave